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Premium Line equipment has unique differentials that provide great benefits:



The exclusive EMBREEX SMART LOAD® is the long-lasting rechargeable power system of the Premium SX Line. Recharging once a month is enough. After recharging, the cable can be easily disconnected from the equipment. See the advantages of this unique system:

* Environment free of cables, with better appearance and safer for users;

* Freedom to install the equipment in any location of the room, regardless of the proximity to electrical outlets;

* Large reduction with electric power costs.



-Bikes and elliptical machines of the Premium Line have unique designed fairing specially developed to accelerate the process of assembling and disassemblingthe equipment, providing greater agility in technical services and reducing maintenance costs.



Premium Line treadmills offer the optional Lubrex Pro® lubrication system. Lubrex Pro® lubricant keeps the canvas lubricated for a longerperiod (from 3 months to 1 year), unlike traditional lubricants, which require frequent appliance. In addition to significantly reducing costswith maintenance, Lubrex Pro® system promotes greater durability to the canvas and deck of the treadmill, reducing the frequency of replacement of these items.